Bob Oister Discography

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Bob Oister Light And Shadows Album

Bob Oister

“Light And Shadows”

The Second Album

c. 2013

The powerful Modern Rock and Alternative Metal follow up to Bob Oister’s debut release, “Light And Shadows” is packed with scorching guitar riffs, strong, uncompromising vocals and harmonies, soaring guitar solos, clever lyrics and a driving rhythm section.


Bob Oister Unchained Album

Bob Oister



c. 2016

Power packed new studio album, “Unchained”, surging with new energy and featuring a knock out collection of aggressive, groove-driven, radio-ready hard rock and metal songs! A powerful tour-de-force of modern hard rock, classic rock and metal infused with infectious guitar riffs, punchy, melodic vocals and electrifying, emotive guitar solos.

Bob Oister Face The Fire Album

Bob Oister

“Face The Fire”

The Debut Album

c. 2012

Hard hitting, guitar driven Modern Rock and Alternative Metal infused with a healthy dose of 80’s Hair Metal. Heavy, in your face guitar riffs, combined with powerful vocals, catchy hooks, melodic harmonies, solid lyrics, and fiery guitar solos.

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