New Music Video Premier – Bob Oister “Power Trip” From the “Unchained” Album – Hi, Guys and Gals, it’s been a long time coming, but I finally finished production and editing for the first “Official” video release from the latest album, “Unchained”! Please take a few minutes to check out the New Video Release for :Power Trip”, and if you can, please share the video on your social media pages!

Big thanks for checking it out, and “Keep on Rockin’!”

Happy Halloween! – One Last Halloween Video – “Made of Glass”

Hi, Guys,

I figured I’d try to squeeze in one last Halloween video, this one’s from three years ago, and features a ghostly ballerina who lives in a mirror, inside a snow globe, in a creepy room down a dark tunnel.

LOL, and on the bright side, I get smashed with a hammer right before the guitar solo. Jeeze, come to think of it, I haven’t had that happen since I was playing the biker bar circuit a few years back!

If you have a few minutes, thanks for checking it out, and have a Happy Halloween!

“Made of Glass” from the album “Face The Fire”.

Working feverishly on the Premier Video for the New Album, “Unchained” which is releasing this Friday, October 21st! Whew!!! Only Four Days to go!

In the meantime, check out this Halloween Music Video, “The Dark” from my second album, “Light And Shadows”, and stay tuned for the new album release and premier music video coming soon! Remember, Keep on Rockin’ People!